29. Ignazio Paterno’ Castello, Principe di Biscari (1719-1786)

Born in Catania, Ignazio Paternò-Castello, V Prince of Biscari was archaeologist and patron of the arts. Thanks to his patronage, many masterpieces of Catania’s Greek and Roman history were rediscovered including the Greek-Roman amphitheater, the Roman theater of the old curia and some Roman Thermal Baths in Catania. He also sponsored archeological excavations in Cambrian, Syracuse, Lentini and Taormina. Ignazio Paterno’ Castello died in Catania in 1786.

Read More:
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Roman Amphitheater, Catania
Roman Amphitheater, Catania
Roman Theater and Odeon, Catania
Roman Theater and Odeon, Catania

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