43. Ercole Patti (1903 – 1976)

Author, dramatist, screenwriter and journalist born in Catania. Patti started working as a journalist at very young age, before graduating in law in 1925. After practicing for a year in his father’s firm, he decided to move to Rome where earning a living as a journalist.

In Rome he joined the newspaper Gazette del Popolo as foreign correspondent, travelling to China, India and Japan, among other places. He got notoriety as a novelist in 1940, with Quartieri alti, a satirical portrait of Roman high society. His novels are mainly set in Rome or in a sensual Sicily.

Patti was active as a screenwriter since 1935, and a number of his novels were adapted into films. In addition to novels Patti published collections of short stories and two autobiographical works.

Read More: Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ercole_Patti


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