45. Francesco Todaro (1839 – 1918)

Anatomist born in Tripi, a village in the province of Messina, Todaro taught classes in anatomy as Professor for the Universities of Messina and La Sapienza, in Rome.

In his anatomical studies on the structure of the heart, he described a fibrous extension of the Eustachian valve, now referred to as the “Tendon of Todaro”. In the field of Zoology, he conducted extensive studies on a variety of tunicates (marine invertebrate animals) known as salps.

In 1874 Todaro, who founded the became a member of the “Nazionale dei Lincei”.

Note: salp moves by contracting, thus pumping water through its gelatinous body -its jet propulsion is one of the most efficient in the animal kingdom. The salp strains the pumped water through its internal feeding filters, feeding on phytoplankton.

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1. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Todaro


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