62. Francesco Maria Emanuele Gaetani (1720 – 1802)

Historian, genealogist, heraldic researcher and writer born in Palermo, the Marquis Francesco Maria Emanuele Gaetani was senator of Palermo in 1775-76, General Commissioner of the Kingdom of Sicily, Governor of the noble “Compagnia della Carità” (Society of Charity) in 1750, Governor of the “Monte di Pietà” (1755–56). Passionate and erudite scholar of the history of Sicily, he published many other works, including, “Notizie storiche intorno agli antichi uffizii del regno di Sicilian” (1776). Gaetani left numerous manuscripts preserved today at the Biblioteca Comunale of Palermo and collected in 25 volumes of “Diari Palermitani” (1743-1802) today in the Biblioteca Storica e Letteraria di Sicilia (Historical Library and Literary of Sicily).

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1. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Maria_Emanuele_Gaetani


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