63. Angelo Majorana (1865 – 1910)

Lawyer and politician born in Catania, son of Salvatore Majorana Calatabiano, a Senator of the Kingdom and Minister, and cousin of physicist Ettore Majorana.  The Majorana family and the Carnazza family dominated the political and cultural life of the province of Catania.

Majorana graduated at the University of Rome at age 16 and a year later (in 1883) obtained a lecturer position in Constitutional Law at the University of Catania -in 1889 he would obtain the position of professor of Constitutional Law which he covered until his death. Majoring was also Rector of the University of Catania in 1895-1896.

In 1897 Majoring was elected to the Chamber of Deputies (and was re-elected every time until his death). In 1903 joined the second Government of Giolitti as Secretary of Finance at the age of 38. He maintained his role with following governments until 1906 when he became also Secretary of Treasury.

In  1907, at the height of his career (potential Prime Minister), he resigned due to illness. Majoring died in 1910 at only 44 years old. 

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