84. Maria Grazia Cucinotta (1968 – )

Actress born in Messina and featured in many films and television series since 1990. Cucinotta has also worked as a producer, screenwriter and model.

Among her internationally recognized role in a movie production we can mention “Il Postino” and “The World Is Not Enough”. Cucinotta also gueststarred in The Sopranos episode “Isabella” and appeared on The Simpsons’ episode “The Italian Bob” voicing Bob’s wife, Francesca.

Cucinotta won the America Award of the Italy-USA Foundation in 2010.

Read More:
1. Maria Grazie Cucinotta, official website, http://www.mariagraziacucinotta.com/
2. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Grazia_Cucinotta


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