86. Giuseppe Errante (1760 – 1821)

Italian painter born in Trapani, Sicily. A local priest obtained for him an apprenticeship in the studio of a local sculptor, Domenico Nolfo. In 1760, Errante studied in Palermo under Gioacchino Martorana. By 1784, he had moved to Rome with the support of Antonio Canova. By 1791, he was employed in the Royal Palace of Caserta, Naples. In Naples, he met Jacob Philipp Hackert. On account of his political intrigues, he was obliged to flee Naples.

After a number of travails, he arrived in Milan in 1795, and afterwards established himself in Rome (1810). Besides historical subjects, he painted portraits, in which he was especially successful. Errante died in Rome in 1821.

Read More:
1. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppe_Errante
2. Trapani Nostra, http://www.trapaninostra.it/Foto_Trapanesi/Didascalie/Errante_Giuseppe.htm


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