107. Girolamo Alibrandi (1470 – 1524)

Born in Messina, Alibrandi was called the “Raphael of Messina” and was extremely famous during his time. However, few works have survived. Driven to the North of Italy following the fame of his countryman Antonello da Messina, Alibrandi moved to Venice where he received, for a short time, instruction from Antonello and enjoyed the friendship of Giorgione. He then moved to Milan, where he became a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci and visited Rome to study the antique artifacts and the works of Raphael.

Polittico Girolamo Alibrandi Duomo, Modica
Girolamo Alibrandi
Duomo, Modica

From Rome he went to Parma, and thence back to Messina, a town that possesses his best works including a large picture of the ‘Presentation in the Temple’, painted in 1519 for the Chiesa della Candelora, now lost, and a “Purification of the Virgin” now in the Cathedral of Messina. To Alibrandi is also attributed the “polittico” behind the Cathedral in Monica. Alibrandi died of the plague in 1524 at Messina.

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1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girolamo_Alibrandi


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