110. Antonio Mendola (1828 – 1908)

Noble, literate, ampelographer, philanthropist, politician and writer born in Favara, Mendola began his studies at the College of the Jesuits of Palermo, where he remained for about eight years. He then enrolled at the Faculty of Law but abandoned his legal studies to return to his hometown and focus on the productivity of his estates. Mendola began studying the vines and collected more than 4,000 grape varieties from around the world and created many highly productive hybrids.

Mendola was also very active in politics, literature and philanthropy. He always tried to help the people of his city. Contrary to other nobles, he realized that it was necessary to improve the estate, giving the land to the farmers and providing them with new means of cultivation. Noting much misery and indifference of the rich, he worked to meet the needs of the most needy. He realized that it was essential to reclaim uncultivated land, transforming the old structures of farming and proceed with chemicals to increase and improve production. At his own expense, he participated in the expansion and maintenance of the city hospital of Favara. He built a girls’ orphanage and a facility for disabled and elderly. Before he died, he left to Favara almost all of its assets, especially the library. The residential palace of the baron now houses the City Hall of Favara.

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1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Mendola


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