114. Antonino Zichichi (1929 – )

Physicist born in Trapani, Zichichi is Emeritus Professor of Advanced Physics at the University of Bologna, former President of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear and Sub nuclear Physics, former President of the European Physical Society, former President of the NATO Science Committee for Disarmament Technology, President of the World Federation of Scientists, President of the “Enrico Fermi Centre” and author of several books.

He is known to the Italian public for his popularization of scientific ideas, both as the author of numerous books and essays and because of his appearances on television programs. Zichini places an emphasis on trying to demonstrate that there is no contradiction between science and the Catholic faith. In 1963, he founded the Centro Ettore Majorana of Erice, dedicated to scientific culture.

In his essay L’irresistibile fascino del tempo (“The Irresistible Fascination of Time”) he cites the rule of the “Perfect Calendar” in an attempt to improve on the Gregorian Calendar by eliminating three days every 10,000 years. In this system, the days of the year are 365, plus one every four years, minus three every four centuries, and minus three every 10,000 years. Zichichi therefore accepts the idea of not considering as leap years the years 4,000, 8,000 and 12,000 which, according to the Gregorian calendar, would be leap years. The definition of a high-precision calendar (superior to the Gregorian) has been studied at various times and places: in particular, the Persian calendar defined in the 11th century is very precise and one was created by Milutin Milanković at the request of the orthodox church.

Read More:
1. Ettore Majoring Foundation, http://www.emfcsc.infn.it/em/zichichi/index.html
2. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonino_Zichichi


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