120. Vincenzo Spampinato (1953 – )

Pop-rock singer-songwriter, composer and lyricist born in Catania. Former member of the musical group “Rovers”, Spampinato debuted as a soloist in 1978 and achieved some success in 1979 with the songs “Batti un colpo Maria” (1979) and “Innamorati di me” (1981), and with the album “Dolce e amaro” (1980). In the eighties he started a productive collaboration with Riccardo Fogli, composing for him “Per Lucia” (Italian entry in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest) and three consecutive albums. Active as composer of musical scores for television, theatre and commercials, Spampinato is the composer of “Madreterra”, the official anthem of Sicily since 2003.

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1. Madreterra, official Sicilian anthem, Vincenzo Spampinato YouTube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MilA4ZzCFTE
2. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincenzo_Spampinato


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