125. Domenico Scina’ (1765-1837)

Physicist and historian, Scina’ was born in Palermo by a wealthy family and studied intensively history, natural sciences and Greek. Scina’ was the first teacher of experimental physics studies at the Academy of Palermo of which he later became rector. In the early nineteenth century he was appointed royal historian by King Ferdinand of Bourbon and perpetual member of the Commission of Education and education in Sicily. He also participated in the drafting of the Sicilian Constitution of 1812.

Scina’ worked for his entire life on history. Particularly, he focused on the history of Sicily, recognized by his contemporaries as one of the greatest connoisseurs. He died during the 1837 epidemic of cholera which claimed numerous victims, thus interrupting the writing of his essay on the First Period of literature greek-Sicilian that, although incomplete, was published in the same year.

Read More:
1. Liber Libor, http://www.liberliber.it/online/autori/autori-s/domenico-scina/
2. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domenico_Scin%C3%A0


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