127. Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza

Writers and movie directors, Grassadonia and Piazza have long worked as writers and as consultants for some Italian production companies like Filmauro and Fandango. In 2004, together, they wrote the musical comedy “Ogni Volta che te ne vai” (Any time you go away) for Fandango. Their debut as directors came in 2010 with the short film “Rita”, awarded the Silver Ribbon and presented in more than one hundred international festival (Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Chicago, Angers, Abu Dhabi, Aspen, Toronto, among others). The film is set in Palermo where in 2013 they directed “Salvo”, their first feature film, awarded with the Critics’ Week Grand Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

In 2016 Grassadonia and Piazza were awarded the prestigious Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking Award for the screenplay of “Sicilian Ghost Story”, their second feature film in the works (shooting planned for Fall 2016). The Prize also includes a grant for the production of the film and was delivered to the two film-makers at the end of the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab, in the frame of the Sundance Film Festival. Grassadonia and Pagans have also been recognized with a Golden Globe and four nominations at the Academy Awards.

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