141. Lionardo Vigo Calanna (1799-1879)

Marquis of Gallodoro, poet, philologist and politician, Lionardo Vigo was an exponent of the Sicilian culture of the nineteenth century and one of the greatest scholars of traditions and Sicilian folk costumes. At an early age he began to compose poems (the first experiences will be burned), attend academic meetings, show interest for Sicilian language and dialect, study archeology. Identified in its Acireale the average center that, despite the flaws of his own remarkability, was the norm for hundreds of Sicilian municipalities. His youthful opera is softened by a feminine presence, which he calls the One, celandone the name.

After graduating in law, he married the English Carlotta Sweeny who, after only two years of marriage, died leaving a child. He pledged to revive the “Zelantea Academy” of Acireale, founded in 1671, but in fact “dormant”. In 1848, at the time of the riots, Lionardo Vigo lived in Palermo in direct contact with Ruggero Settimo, Mariano Stabile, and Michele Amari. He was appointed to the House of Commons of the Sicilian revolutionary Parliament born insurgency. Once the Sicilian revolution ended, he returned to Acireale (“the most loving nest”) and devoted himself to the realization of the “Library of Sicilian folk songs”, the epic poem “Ruggiero”, education and culture. He also held the position of school inspector of the region surrounding Acireale. Throughout his life he kept a dense correspondence with Italian intellectuals, German and French.

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1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionardo_Vigo_Calanna


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