142. Manlio Giarrizzo (1896-1957)

Born in Palermo, son of painter Carmelo Giarrizzo, after completing his studies at the Institute of Art of Palermo in 1924, Giarrizzo founded the group “Artisti Siciliani Indipendenti” (independent Sicilian artists) and the magazine “Arethusa” with Pippo Rizzo, Alfonso Amorelli, Vittorio Corona and others. He joined the movement of Sicilian Futurists and shared his knowledge as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he taught stage design since 1937.

"The Dancers", Manlio Giarrizzo
“The Dancers”, Manlio Giarrizzo

Giarrizzo received numerous awards and honors, including the painting prize at the International Art Exhibition of Venice (1934), two prizes at the Quadrennial of Rome (1939 and 1955-1956) and many others. Numerous museums and institutions include in their collections and exhibits his works from the new Polo Museum of Campania of Castel Sant ‘Elmo, the St. Anna Gallery of Modern (Palermo), the Museum of Castello Sforzesco (Milan), the civic art Gallery of Reggio Calabria, the Academy of Fine arts of Naples and many others.

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