153. Eleonora Abbagnato (1978 – )

Ballet dancer, model and actress born in Palermo, Abbagnato started dancing at age 4. When she was only twelve years old, she moved to Monte Carlo to enroll in the dance school of Marika Bresobrasova. At age 13, she toured Europe with Roland Petit’s The Sleeping Beauty -in the role of Aurora as a child.

In 1996, Abbagnato joined the corps de ballet of the Opera of Paris where she performed as Coryphée ( 1999), Sujet (2000), Premiere Danseuse (2001) and Étoile (2013). In 2007 Abbagnato debuted as an actress in “Il 7 e l’8 with Ficarra e Picone” and in 2009 she joined Paolo Bonolis in hosting the second night of the Sanremo Music Festival. The same year, she released her autobiography “Un angelo sulle punte (An Angel on her toes).”

In Abbagnato was the subject of a photographic exhibition with pictures by Massimo Gatti. The exhibition was held in Milan, Los Angeles, London and Miami. In 2015 she was appointed Director of the corps de ballet of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

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