160. Marella Ferrera (1960-)

Born in Catania in 1960, after completing her studies in Sicily, in 1978 designer Ferrera moved to Rome to chase her dream, fashion, enrolling at the Academy of Costume and Fashion. She later moved to Milan to open a showroom, but it is in the studio in Catania, opened by her parents in 1958, where Marella would personally oversee the production of her creations.

Source: einvite's insights
Source: einvites insights

In 1993 Ferrera officially debuted in the international fashion circles during Alta Moda Roma -hailed as the revelation of the year. In 1995, she opened a studio-workshop dedicated to the brides. In 2001 she took part to the fashion show in Milan and she will continue participating to the Roman haute couture fashion shows since then. Passionate of theater, Ferrera collaborated several times for the realization of costumes and established in Catania, a theater workshop.

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2. Stile.it, http://www2.stile.it/stilisti/marella-ferrera/


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