161. Francesco Paolo Frontini (1860-1939)

Composer born in Catania, Frontini learned the foundations of music from his father, Martin Frontini. He studied violin with Santi D’Amico and made his musical debut at the age of thirteen in the City Hasll of Catania. Two years later, his first compositions, “Qui Tollis”, directed by Pietro Antonio Coppola, was performed at the Cathedral. In 1875 Frontini was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Palermo, studying with Peter Platania, and later he moved to the Royal Musical Conservatory in Naples, where he received his diploma in composition under the guidance of Lauro Rossi.

Among his early works there was the funeral Mass in honor of his teacher Coppola master’s death, the Melodramma “Nella” (1881), Samson (1882), Aleramo (1883), Fatality (1900), Malìa (1893), the Falconer (1899). Frontini also wrote numerous songs, melodies, serenades and romances including the “Arab Serenade”, “Le Petit Montagnard”, and the “Triumphal March”. He also took care of traditions, creating the first collection of Sicilian songs in “Eco of Sicily”.

“Bisogna far conoscere interamente la vera, la grande anima della nostra terra. La responsabilità maggiore di questa missione dobbiamo sentirla noi musicisti perché soltanto nella musica e nel canto noi siciliani sappiamo stemperare il nostro vero sentimento. Ricordatelo” F. Paolo Frontini

Read More:
1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Paolo_Frontini
2. Arabian serenade, https://youtu.be/qSGI8BBVaxg


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