171. Domenico Di Mauro (1913-2016)

Born in Guardia (Acireale), at age 12 Di Mauro informed his father, barber and shoemaker, of his “career” choice: he would paint carriages. He moved to Aci Sant’Antonio to apprentice in the workshop of an uncle, Vincenzo Di Mauro, from whom he learned to mix colors and master the craft. A few years later, at age 16, he was hired by Giuseppe Zappala’, owner of three workshops. Since then, Di Mauro never stopped decorating Sicilian carriages until the day of his death, at age 103.

Domenico Di Mauro: source: Siciliymag.it
Domenico Di Mauro:
source: Siciliymag.it

Mayor of Aci Sant’Antonio for a two-year term and City Council member for 50 years, Di Mauro hosted in his workshop many influential personalities including Pierpaolo Pasolini, Salvatore Quasimodo, Salvatore Fiume, Vincenzo Consolo and King Gustav of Sweden. Di Mauro was recently entered in the register of Intangible Heritage of Sicily, “book of living human Treasures”, at the request of the province of Catania. His only complain was his realization that his art would die with him. There are no schools or workshops where artists could practice, learn and master the art of decorating the “carretti siciliani”.

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