173. Santa Rosalia (1128-1165)

Santa Rosalia Sinibaldi, venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, belonged to the noble Sinibaldi family of the twelfth century. Tradition has it that while Count Roger watched the sunset with his wife, the Countess Elvira, a figure appeared to him saying, “Ruggero I announce you that, by the will of God, born in the Sinibaldo home, related to you, a rose without thorns”, which is why, when she was born, the child was given the name Rosalia.

As a young man, she lived in wealth at the court of King Roger. One day the Count Baldwin saved the King Roger who had been attacked by a wild animal. The king wanted to reciprocate with a gift and Baldwin asked to marry Rosalia churches. The following day, Rosalia presented herself to the court with her blond braids cut and declined the offer: preferring to embrace the faith. Initially the girl took refuge at the monastery of the Basiliane in Palermo. Parents and bridegroom tried to dissuade her from her purpose. She then decided to find refuge in a cave owned by her father. Her fame soon spread and the cave became a place of pilgrimage. One day the cave was found empty and then it was learned that she had returned to Palermo and she now lived in a cave on Mount Pellegrino to escape the pilgrims and finding a peaceful retreat. But the new place became famous and pilgrimages began. On September 4th, 1165 was found dead by pilgrims. According to Catholic tradition, in 1624 Saint Rosalia saved Palermo from the plague and became its patron.

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1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Rosalia


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