182. Andrea Palma (1644-1730)

Architect born in Trapani, Palma is credited with being one of the most notable architects of the Sicilian Baroque movement. His works include the Cathedral of Syracuse, the “Chiesa di Santa Maria di Montevergini”, and the Chiesa di San Gioacchino, the completion of the Church of Sant’Ignazio all’olivella, the decorative features of St. Mary’s Church in Valverde, the oratorio delle Dame, the Church of San Sebastiano and the Church of the Saviour.

Palma was a Dominican friar. He studied painting and architecture within the order and was collaborator of Paolo Amato. He worked primarily in Palermo as architect of the Senate. His best known work is the façade of the Cathedral of Siracusa -built in place of the Renaissance one destroyed an earthquake- adapted following the example of the façade of Santa Maria in Campitelli in Rome.


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