184. Antonio Bivona Berardi (1774-1837)

Botanist, bryologist and phycologist born in Messina, Bivona Berardi was orphaned as a child and adopted by the Baron Antonio Bivona. Together they moved to Palermo where he started studying law and changed his studies to natural sciences. He studied botany under Giuseppe Tineo, director of the Palermo Botanical Garden and after graduating, he travelled to Naples and elsewhere in Italy, making the acquaintance of scientists such as Michele Tenore and Vincenzo Petagna. He returned to Palermo upon the death of his uncle, and began to publish botanical works that had great impact in Italy and Europe. He founded the scientific journal “L’Iride” (“The Iris”) and covered the post of Inspector-General of Waters and Forests. Bivona Berardi died during the cholera epidemic of 1837.

To Antonio Bivona are dedicated certain botanical species including Adenocarpus bivonii, Lupinus bivonii, Euphorbia bivonae, Laurentia bivonae e Poa bivonae, and the Bivonaea of the Brassicaceae.

Read More:
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2. Wikipedia, https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Author:Antonio_Bivona_Bernardi


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