186. Gianni Bella (1947)

Composer and singer-songwriter born in Catania, Bella started his career as composer for his sister, singer Marcella Bella, authoring several hits with lyricist Giancarlo Bigazzi. In the seventies he debuted as a singer himself, scoring his first major success in 1974 with the song “Più ci penso”, which ranked second in the Italian hit parade.

In 1976 he topped the Italian hit parade and won the Festivalbar contest with the song “Non si può morire dentro”, originally planned to be sung by her sister. In 1981 he entered the competition at the Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Questo amore non si tocca”; he returned in Sanremo five more times between 1986 and 2007, three times in couple with her sister Marcella.

In 1983 Bella concluded his collaboration with Bigazzi and started a new phase alongside Mogol; between late 1990s and 2000s the couple signed some extraordinary sales successes for Adriano Celentano. In January 2010 he suffered a stroke and subsequently he lost his speech and the use of one leg.

Read More:
1. Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianni_Bella
2. Gianni and Marcella Bella, “Per Sempre, Forever”, https://youtu.be/gzh5AbSQ5Yg


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