190. Marcella Bella (1952)

Singer born in Catania, sister of musicians Antonio and Salvatore Bella, and singer-songwriter Gianni Bella, Marcella started her musical career in 1965 when she won the selections to attend the “Festival degli sconosciuti” (Festival of the unknown) in Ariccia. Her victory, however, was not validated as she was only thirteen years old – two years younger than required by the regulations of the competition.

Her musical breakthrough happen in 1972 when Marcella participated to the “Festival of Sanremo” with “Montagne Verdi” (Green Mountains), song written by her brother Gianni and Giancarlo Bigazzi, and finished in 7th place: her recordselling more than half a million copies. Since then Marcella has performed in many national and international musical events and released more than 75 singles, CDs and albums.

Read More:
1. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcella_Bella
2. Montagne Verdi/Nessuno Mai/Non M’importa piu’, https://youtu.be/G90zS1KScbI


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