193. Giuseppe d’Urso (1935-1996)

Born in Catania, Giuseppe D’Urso was an engineer (urban and regional planning) at the University of Catania, President of the National Institute of Urban Planning for Sicily (INU), founder the historical Association, “I Siciliani (The Sicilians) and member of the anti-mafia movement. He is remembered for his first complaints of involvements with the Mafia to the “Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura” and the highest representatives of the Italian government: that system of power which he defined the term “massomafia».

D’Urso studied capital investments in large real estate transactions -especially purchases of land and construction of public works- and revealed the interconnections between Mafia, masonry and judicial system as the glue of the mafia’s political/economic control of the territory . He put together a documented report on corrupted public procurement activities, administrative irregularities and unauthorized public constructions. The report was submitted to the Italian Court of Justice and the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini. D’Urso affirmed that mafia phenomenon is not just a “regional disease” typical of the South Italy, but a real and widespread armed force of a corrupted system that is institutionalized, organized and protected by a substantial part of the local and national leadership.

In 1984, D’Urso founded the association “The Sicilians” (in continuation with the newspaper of Giuseppe Fava who had been recently assassinated), of which he was president. The association rapidly gained weight and influence throughout Italy [5]. In 1990, D’Urso supported the birth of the political part “La Rete”.

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1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppe_D%27Urso_(ingegnere)


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