203. Giuni Russo (1951 – 2004)

Songwriter born in Palermo, famous for her amazing vocal range (almost five octaves), who specialized in experimental music after a successful pop music career. Russo began at a young age to cultivate the attitude of singing and composing -her first performance, at age 13 was at the musical pavilion in front of the Teatro Politeama in Palermo. In 1967, Russo achieved her first recognition by winning the Festival of Castrocaro interpreting “A chi” with singer Elio Gandolfi. The success of the Castrocaro opened the doors to the Sanremo Festival in 1968, Festivalbar (1969) and Cantagiro. In 1969 she moved to Milan where she met the musician Maria Antoinetta Sisini, who for 36 years will be her co-author and producer.

In 1975 Russo recorded her first English album, “Love is a Woman”, and after several participations with other artists, in 1982 she reached the peak of her popularity with the hit “Un’estate al mare”, which went Gold. She participated in the “Festivalbar”, “Vota la voce”, and many other events and broadcasts.

In 1982 Giuni reached the peak of her popularity with the hit “Un’estate al mare”, which went Gold. She participated in the “Festivalbar”, “Vota la voce”, and many other events and broadcasts singing. In 1983 she released the LP Vox, followed by her last work for that label LP Mediterranea (1984). After divergences with the label’s producer, Caterina Caselli, who wanted more commercial works, Russo joined smaller labels and produced more experimental works such “A casa di Ida Rubinstein” (1988), featuring contaminations of pop and classic music. She also teamed up with poets and writers, studied old sacred texts, and performed in the theatre.

2003 marked Russo’s great return. Once again she appeared at the Sanremo Festival singing “Morirò d’Amore” from the new album of the same name. At the end of 2003, “Demo de Midi” was released: a collection of 14 previously unreleased songs recorded in demo form during the 80’s and 90’s. Her last production, “Napoli Che Canta” was released in 2004: a musical suite for the Roberto Leone Roberti’s silent movie (1926).

Giuni Russo lost her battle with cancer in 2004. During her career she sang in Italian, English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Latin. The association, Giuni Russo Arte (created in 2005 by M.Antoneitta Sisini), protects and promotes Giuni’s creative heritage. It is carrying on her work, with great respect for Giuni’s artistic choices.

Read More:
1. Giuni Russo Official Site, http://www.giunirusso.it/
2. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuni_Russo


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