204. Mariano Panebianco (1847 – 1915)

Engineer and architect born in Acireale, Panebianco graduated in Naples and returned to Sicily focusing his professional activities in Acireale where he reached immediate success as a design engineer and architect. He produced over 130 projects ranging from public works to private palaces and churches. His buildings are characterized by serene, regular facades, often without vertical partitions, the use of materials such as earthenware, bright red plasters combined with white Syracusan limestone and black lava.


Castello Badala, St. Giovanni Bosco
Castello Badala, St. Giovanni Bosco


Panebianco also designed interesting works for businesses (wine company Trinacria) and scientific laboratories. He also carried out archaeological surveys.

Read More:
1. Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariano_Panebianco


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