208. Bartolomeo Asmundo (XV sec. – XVI century)

Active between 1480 and 1530, Asmundo is considered the first Sicilian lyric poet. Member of an important noble family in Catania, he occupied several public offices and was also “Reformator Studii” at the “Siculorum Gymnasium” (University of Catania) in 1495 and in 1497, one of the most important university positions.

His poems are included in the first part of the “Sicilian Muses”, in the collection “Scelta di canzoni in siciliano sacre e profane”, and in the “Nuova Raccolta di rime siciliane”. The works, at least 27 “canzuni” in octaves, of both sacred and profane theme, are often tinged with melancholy, and follow the Petrarchism and Provencal ideals of “love”.

Works include titles such as: “Nuddu quieta, si discurri in tutu”; “Si Marti mai, si Palladi o Bellona”; “Sugnu cu la Furtuna in tali puntu”; “Sugnu riduttu, chi s’iu mi lament”; “Affannu nun fu mai tantu, né tali”; “Ch’iu per vui mora mi fu datu in sorti.”

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