97. Antonio Scontrino (1850 – 1922)

Composer born in Trapani, Scontrino studied at the Conservatory of Palermo from 1861 and 1870, and later in Munich and began performing as bassist in 1891. In 1898, he became a professor of composition at the Conservatory of Palermo and also taught in Florence afterwards.

Scontrino composed five operas (from 1879 to 1896), several large orchestral works (including symphonies), one concerto each for double bass, bassoon, and piano, four string quartets and a prelude and fugue for quartet. The Conservatorio di Musica “Antonio Scontrino” in Trapani is named in his memory.

Read More:
Wikipedia, https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Scontrino


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